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Marchington Pergola

Manufactured entirely from high-quality aluminium, our stunning Marchington pergola is fully weatherproof, ideal for year-round use. Thanks to its innovative roof system, you can easily switch between a closed, intimate space and an open, bright, airy top, allowing sunlight to flow directly into the area. This design ensures versatility and will keep you in your garden, whatever the weather.

Our pergola also features a unique, built-in LED lighting system, perfect for keeping the party going on long summer evenings. Adjustable to a full range of colours, the lights can set various moods, ideal for romantic evenings and outdoor parties. Remote activation also means you never have to leave the comfort of your furniture or hot tub to illuminate them, creating the ultimate outdoor shelter.

Highly functional, the Marchington pergola also features a brilliant built-in drainage system, preventing unwanted water build-up on the louvered roof. Any rainwater that lands on the louvers flows into U-shaped channels in the pergola framework, where it flows into the hollow legs and vertically down to the ground. This genius system prevents water from dripping under the sheltered area, keeping you dry even after heavy downpours.