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GreenWorks G24LT30MK2 Deluxe 24V Cordless Grass Trimmer / Lawn Edger

The GreenWorks G24LT30M Deluxe is a strong, flexible 24V 2-in-1 grass trimmer and lawn edger designed for smaller lawns. Powered by an advanced 24V lithium-ion battery, the trimmer offers high performance despite its compact size. Convenience is guaranteed with no fuel or electric cables to contend with, simply insert the battery and trim.

With a 30cm cutting width and variable speed, trimming and edging around the garden has never been easier. With an additional edging wheel, borders can be cut quickly and accurately leaving a perfect finish.

For total control the G24LT30M features variable speed, allowing you to control the speed of the cutting head depending on the task at hand.

The G24LT30M features a rotating head, allowing you to switch between trimming or edging at the press of a button. The larger 30cm cutting width also features fully automatic line feeding, meaning no more hassle extending the trimmer line, just simply release the power switch, and press again to extend the cutting line to the correct length.

The GreenWorks G24LT30M offers total convenience, with no petrol or electric cables to deal with. Instead simply insert the advanced 24V battery and you are ready to trim. As part of the GreenWorks 24V family, the battery can be used in a range of different tools, from lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws and even power tools.