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june gardedning tips pic
Posted on: 28 June 2024

June Gardening Tips

Overcrowded clumps of spring flowering bulbs can be lifted and divided once the leaves have started to yellow.

Fruit trees naturally shed some fruit in June, but overcrowded branches should still be thinned further for bigger juicier fruits.

If not already done greenhouses should be shaded now to prevent plants from becoming stressed with the intense light and elevated temperatures in summer.

Tie in the new growth of well-trained roses as horizontally as possible to encourage more side shoots and therefore more flowers.

When the leaves of Garlic and onions start to turn yellow and die back, they are ready to harvest.

Protect the Carrot bed’s enviro mesh or fleece barrier around the edge up to 1m high this will prevent carrot flies from infecting and spoiling the crop.

Keep a look out for aphids and other pests catching them early and removing a few by hand saves the need to use chemicals to control them.

Cut out the flowering stems of Rhubarb to encourage the plant to continue producing stems and ensure a good crop next year as well.

Runner beans can be planted out now the danger of frost has passed; I tend to plant out a little late rather than too early and risk plants getting damaged by frost or cold winds.

Evergreen hedges such as Box or Yew can be clipped now; Privet can also be trimmed now and will also need a second trim in late summer.