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July Gard tips pic
Posted on: 8 July 2024

July Gardening Tips

Prune back the strong growth on Figs to control the size of the plant and channel the plants energy into the development of new fruit.

Autumn flowering bulbs such as Colchicum and Nerines can be planted now.

After flowering congested bearded Irises can be lifted and divided to restore vigour and improve flowering for next year

Remove faded flower heads from Rhododendrons being careful not to damage any new emerging growth.

As soon as fruiting has finished prune trees such as cherries, plums, peaches and apricots, summer pruning reduces the risk of silver leaf.

Feed tomato plants once a week with a high potash feed, if plants are looking yellow and hungry feed more regularly.

Keep camellias well-watered at this time of year to ensure a good show of blooms next spring.

Watch out for signs of red spider and whitefly in the greenhouse, treat as soon as seen as infestations can quickly become a problem in the heat of the summer.

Container plants need checking daily for watering also feed regularly to keep them looking their best.

Rhubarb harvesting should be stopped now to allow the plant to build up for next year.

Give Roses a feed after removing the first flush of flowers to promote new growth and more flowers later in the season.

Trim herbs regularly to keep them bushy with lots of new growth, any trimmings not required immediately can be dried or frozen for future us.

Keep feeding and deadheading bedding and basket plants to keep the show going, if some plants are looking tired and leggy trim them back and give them a generous feed to encourage more colour later in the summer.

Snip the tops out of climbing beans when they reach the top of their supports to encourage the maximum crop from the side shoots.

The vegetable plot may need additional water in hot weather, Tomatoes, Courgettes, Celery, Peas and Beans in particular enjoy plenty of moisture 

Prune the shoots of grape vines back to 2 leaves from the last bunch to direct energy to the fruit.

Hanging up yellow stick traps in the greenhouse gives a good early warning of pests and also helps reduce numbers.

If necessary prune early summer flowering shrubs such as Deutzia, Philadelphus and Weigela as soon as they have finished flowering.

Check brassicas for white butterfly eggs under the leaves and squash any that are found.