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Posted on: 9 March 2024

January Garden Tips

Help the birds at this cold time of year by hanging feeders in trees or shrubs around the garden, the birds will repay you by eating overwintering pests while awaiting their turn on the feeder.

The best range of seed potatoes is available now; early ones can be chitted now by placing them in a tray or egg boxes in a bright cool frost free position.

Grey mould or Botrytis can be a real problem in the greenhouse, to help prevent it open vents and doors as much as possible on mild days, and remove any infected leaves or pants as soon as seen.

Forcing jars can be placed over Rhubarb this month forcing young pink stems to grow; these should be ready for

harvesting in around two months.

Plan your crop rotation in the vegetable garden to avoid the same plants growing in the same position and avoid a build of up pests, diseases and plants using the same nutrients from the soil.

Remove the old flower heads from winter pansies and violas to prevent disease and to stop them setting seed.

Summer side shoots on Wisteria pruned back in the summer can be reduced to 2-3 buds now to encourage flowers and control vigorous growth.