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Posted on: 9 March 2024

February Garden Tips

If you have Virginia creeper and Boston ivy growing on house walls they can be cut back now to help keep them clear of gutters and windows. 

Wisterias pruned in summer can have their side-shoots cut back now to around 5cm being careful not to remove any flower buds.

Early potatoes can be chitted now, stand them in a tray or egg box on end in a cool light frost free place.

Check tree ties to make sure they are not too tight which could damage the tree.

Knock any heavy snowfalls off trees and shrubs to prevent them getting damaged by the weight of the snow.

Trim back winter flowering Heathers once the flowers have gone over to maintain a compact plant.

Cut back deciduous grasses such as Miscanthus before new growth begins.

Keep any seedlings in a bright position in the greenhouse to prevent them becoming week and leggy.

At the end of the month prune late flowering Clematis (Group3) down to a strong pair of buds around 20-30cm above ground level.

Compost for seed sowing should be put in the greenhouse to warm through for a few days before using.