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Garden Chemicals & Fertilisers

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Garden Chemicals & Fertilisers

Control, support, and help your garden flourish without worry using plant food, plant care and organic gardening solutions from Taverham Nursery Centre.


Weeds are the most common culprit in garden care, and we have a wide range of solutions for all spaces, including path weed killers, driveway weed killers, lawn weed killers and more. Look out for our organic and Glyphosate-free options.


Pests and disease are other unwelcome visitors in your outside spaces – from aphids to black spot, mice to mildew and everything in between. Keeping your plants and gardens healthy, disease and pest-free is easier with our range of pest control, insecticides, and disease treatments.


Lawns should be lush green spaces with healthy blades and rich colours. Bare spots and moss are rarely welcome additions, so we stock everything you need to help keep your lawn happy, including lawn food, moss killers and lawn seed.


Feeding your plants is another essential, especially in spring and summer for fuller displays and healthier soil. We can help with everything from organic fertilisers and liquid, pellet, or powder foods, to big brands like Tomorite, and MiracleGro.


A few treatments here and sprays there can help your garden feel and look much better, especially with our organic variations, which are safer for the wildlife and environment. Head in-store to find out more.