hardwood logs

To help keep your wood burners or firepits burning, you can find a wide range of fuels at Taverham Nursery Centre.

Striking up and maintaining a fire should be easy, whether you’re cosying up inside or warding off the late-night summer chills, so we stock kiln-dried logs, calor gas bottles and charcoal as an essential all year round.

Kiln-dried logs are excellent options for inside and outside fires as they’re designed to burn well with minimal ash, smoke or spitting.

Calor Gas is used a lot in BBQs and camping for cooking purposes. As a stockist, you can call or visit us to find out what we have in stock for refills or exchanges.

If you prefer a classic smoky BBQ, we have a wide range of Premium Gourmet Charcoals available, too.

And we can help you get those fires lit with locally sourced logs and kindling at fantastic prices.

Whichever fuel you need for your home or garden, here at Taverham Nursery Centre, our expert and friendly team members can help.