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The condition of your soil makes a huge difference to the health of your plants. At Taverham Nursery Centre, we stock a wide range of soil improvers like compost to make sure your plants stay happy for longer.

Compost is a mix of decomposed plant and food waste with additional elements like manure and other organic materials. The idea is that once mixed into your soil, it helps restore some of the chemical balance and physical structure that plants may disturb or absorb. Doing this helps feed your plants for longer and support your garden’s ecosystem.

Peat has been the most common material added to garden compost due to its ability to store moisture, improve pH levels and resist disease. However, farming peat is damaging to the environment, and the habitats where it grows are limited, so many are moving to peat-free options like coco coir.

As of now, our range is 70% peat-free, with over 15 varieties from leading brands such as Westland, Miracle-Gro, Levington and more.

With more than 22 mix-and-match offers across our compost and soil improver range, head in-store to start improving your soil’s health.