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Aquatics Guarantee

Livestock Guarantee

  • Check that your new fish are compatible with the fish you already have and check species guidelines for feeding and habitat requirements.
  • Ensure the water quality in your aquarium or pond is suitable for new fish      
  • Take the fish carefully out of its outer wrapping, avoiding exposure to bright light  
  • Float the bag in aquarium or pond to allow water temperatures to equalise       
  • Slowly introduce small amounts of your pond or aquarium water into the bagcontaining the fish. This allows the fish to acclimatise.
  • Carefully release the fish into aquarium or pond.                                                    
  • Dispose of the bag and any excess water.                          

(48 hr replacement or credit)

To ensure we offer a high level of service, and to maintain an excellent standard of livestock welfare, we would request you produce the following in order to claim within the terms of the 48-hour guarantee: –

  1. The receipt for the purchase
  2. A sample of water from the aquarium/ pond (approx. 1 pint in a clean container). This is so, we may test the water to ensure suitability for the livestock. (Ammonia/Nitrite 0 (0.25 is a fail), Nitrate/ TDS/ SG and PH as suitable for species)
  3. The dead body of the livestock. DO NOT PUT THE BODY IN WATER SAMPLE.

In the unlikely event of livestock dying in transit, please email photo of it in its sealed transport bag to; If we are satisfied the conditions are suitable for the livestock as a result of our tests, we will be happy to offer you a replacement or credit.

Our guarantee covers the death of any livestock within 48 hours of the date of purchase/ collection from us.

The guarantee does not cover livestock that are attacked by customers’ existing stock. Our livestock are only sold if they are considered healthy, but ALL livestock can potentially carry diseases/ parasites (including your existing stock). It is highly recommended ALL NEW livestock is quarantined and as such our guarantee does not cover any existing livestock.

If you have any questions, please contact:

  Taverham Nursery Centre Aquatics

Telephone: 01603 860522