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5 Year Hardy Plant Guarantee

SOIL PREPARATION – essential prior to planting.

Remove any weeds then dig in plenty of organic matter to improve soil structure such as bags of our farmyard manure, organic soil conditioner or rose, tree and shrub planting compost


Plant as soon as possible after purchase, but until ready, keep plants in their pots in a sheltered area without too much direct sunlight and water regularly to keep moist but not saturated.  Before removing from their pots, water plants thoroughly to ensure the rootball is soaked (or sit in container of water until no air bubbles come out).

 If planting during the growing season (early spring-summer), an organic fertiliser such as fish, blood & bone should be mixed into soil when planting to aid strong and healthy growth.  However, roses and clematis benefit from adding a mycorrhizal fungi product instead.

Dig a planting hole the same depth as the rootball, but about twice as wide then loosen the soil in the bottom of the hole with a fork. Remove plant from container, tease out the roots.  Put into planting hole, backfill and firm in.


We advise adding a bark or compost mulch after planting – as well as helping to suppress weeds, it also retains moisture.  If a mulch is to be added, allow for this during preparation, to ensure finished level will still be just below surrounding surfaces.  To work effectively, a mulch needs to be 7.5cm/ 3” deep

New plants will need watering thoroughly during dry weather, two or three times a week, preferably in the evening.  Soak around plants until the soil is boggy to ensure water gets right down around the roots. (I.e. use a full watering can for a tree each time it is watered).  Another good technique is to leave a hose running very slowly for 10 minutes, then move it along to soak the next section and so on. 

Keep a check on plants for signs of stress it is worth remembering that plants are living things and it’s not an exact science!

However, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff on the Plant Section if you have any queries.

We take great pride in ensuring our plants are in good condition. If your hardy plant fails to establish and you have followed the planting and care instructions on this leaflet just call or E mail our plant area team or return the plant along with a proof of purchase and you will be covered by our five-year hardy plant guarantee. Extreme climatic conditions may invalidate this guarantee.